Louise McMahon

I'm Louise McMahon, a Sheffield based Developer.









I started using php in 2008 when I built my first website and once someone found out I could do websites I quickly ended up doing freelance work. Over the years I have built many websites and applications including gallery, custom event booking software, a system to automate generate print ready pfd’s for business cards, I advised the development team on a new online lottery site and many others.

My main specialty with php is security, implementing login systems using things like Argon2, unique user salts, multi factor auth and authentication hashes ETC.


I have been using python since 2013 for web crawling and general data analysis along with general devops scripting.

Most of my experience is in 2.7 but i use both 2.7 and 3.x for different projects.

Javascript and NodeJS

I have been using jquery and javascript since i started doing web design and develpment in 2008 but in recent years i have started to use NodeJS more and it has become my go to language for high trafic app's especially ones that work a lot with API's and document stores.


I have been a user of Amazon Web Services with a lot of experience using EC2, EB, SES, S3, ECS, RDS, Route 53, Lambda and CloudWatch.

I have migrated several company's to AWS from traditional hosting, where we used things like custom CloudWatch metrics and S3 to cut their bills in half along with giving them more redundancy, fault tolerance and faster disaster recovery. Several of those migrations also included migration users from SVN to git and implementing a proper deployment pipeline such as AWS CodeDeploy, Jenkins and Rocketeer.


I have been using SQL mostly MySQLand MsSQL since i began building websites and app's. In recent years I have moved from SQL to NoSQL mainly MongoDB, Elastic Search and Redis each have their own uses and i often pair MongoDB and Redis as a document store and hot cache.